The packs differ mainly from the number of real licenses. The premium version contains an unlimited number of real licenses.

Product Diversity — With Forex Robotron trading software, traders can trade mostly all currencies pairs. Also, Forex Robotron focuses on exactly four currency pairs on 5 minute time frame, which are among the largest on the market, and promise the lowest spreads with high liquidity.

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In addition to that, traders get two bonuses, free Happy INDIcators PRO and Happy Gold MT5 Version. Happy Forex has many features that attract new clients every day. The excellent customer service and 10 trading strategies are a big reason for clients to come.

These rates are similar to those offered within the foreign country to citizens who keep money in deposit accounts. A portfolio of carry trade positions that is distributed among different carry currencies and funding currencies in order to limit losses in one particular carry trade position. The volume of buys and sell orders waiting investing money wisely to be transacted for a particular currency pair at a particular point in time. The total number of currency positions a dealer has at any given moment. Typically, the dealer aims to have a net position of zero in terms of risk. This means that for the aggregate, all customers’ long and short positions balance each other out.

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A term related to margin trading where you are controlling a position whose face value is greater end of day trading strategy than the money you deposit. An exchange rate whose value is determined by market forces.


Foreign exchange policy where a central bank maintains an official rate for their currency, often intervening to keep the rate fixed within a limited range. The amount of foreign currency quoted against one US Dollar. Some Stock Trends currencies are quoted in the amount of US Dollars per foreign currency unit, like the British Pound. An account where a customer allows the institution to make trading decisions and buy and sell on his or her behalf.


Exchange rate policy where the value of a currency is allowed to fluctuate, but the central bank will intervene from time to time. A buy or sell order that will expire automatically at the end of the trading day on which it is entered. The exchange rate between 2 currencies where neither of the currencies are USD. Written acknowledgment of a trade, listing important details such as the date, the size of the transaction, the price, the commission, and the amount of money involved. A transaction that offsets the number of units in a previous open position.

Happy Forex offers 2 packages for traders, the normal package and the premium package. However, if your investment amount is small and if your appetite for risk is higher than even a drawdown of 40% is considered acceptable. They even promise a more than 2076.7% profit for more than two years with Happy Frequency, and fully verifies these results.


The process of selling or buying a foreign exchange position resulting in the liquidation of the position. I don’t usually do it but because of satisfaction of their service then its worth of my time doing it. If you are still losing trading then you may consider this it does not make you rich overnight,but its still far better than leaving your money from the bank. I have never traded before but my friends introduce me to them and I saved my time analyzing the market and still make some profits. If you want to use the AI-backed software trader, then you can trade a range of precious metals such as gold and silver.

The value difference between the bid and ask price of a currency pair. The current market price of a currency traded in the spot market. When there is above ordinary interest in a currency pair, other fx trading major currency pairs that are thinly traded as a result of this are considered sidelined. Buying the exact same units of a currency pair to offset an earlier short sale of the same currency pair.


Min. amount required to trade with this EA is just $10 on a Nano account. 12 unique trading strategies that you can plug and play by just a click of the mouse. Min. amount required to trade with this EA is just 40 USD on a Cent account. On that note, I am also appreciative of the opportunity in personally working alongside one another so as to ensure your important questions are always comprehensively answered. FX Stat provides a comprehensive set of data generators that can generate data based on multiple probability density functions. These trial versions work in exactly the same way as the registered versions, they just overlay a watermark over all graphics. Logging in to the software with your account details turns them into full versions.

Users can set their account to follow other member’s trades and automatically execute them, becoming signal followers. In order to get FxStat’s approval as signal providers, traders’ accounts have to be proven real accounts and with a positive trading results history. These experienced;_ylt=AwrE1xWHRB1gpRwA4I1DDWVH;_ylc=X1MDMTE5NzgwNDg2NwRfcgMyBGZyA3lmcC10BGZyMgNzZnAEZ3ByaWQDaWNqbUVmM05RYnVSbWZ2WkNnb1R5QQRuX3JzbHQDMARuX3N1Z2cDMTAEb3JpZ2luA3NlYXJjaC55YWhvby5jb20EcG9zAzAEcHFzdHIDBHBxc3RybAMwBHFzdHJsAzIxBHF1ZXJ5A09wZW4lMjBtYXJrZXQlMjBvcGVyYXRpb24EdF9zdG1wAzE2MTI1MzA4MzU-?p=Open+market+operation&fr=yfp-t&fr2=sfp&iscqry= investors are chosen by their followers using the analytics and performance comparison features. Users are still able to set their own trading rules while following a provider, like trading on a fixed lot, maximum open trades or maximum open orders, stop loss or maximum floating loss.

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Constant monitoring of the market not required due to Expert Advisors, MetaQuotes Language II release from routine and allows programming automated trading strategies. An analytical, computer-based tool used to help currency traders with Forex trading analysis by charting the price of various currency pairs along with various indicators. Forex charting software packages are used by many traders to determine the direction on any given currency pair. Most Forex brokers allow traders to open a demo account prior to funding a full account or mini account. This allows users to try out each broker’s charting software during a trial period. FxStat Tradebook – There are a number of FxStat Forex brokers who offer this option. With Tradebook, traders can follow a large number of signal providers who also use the FxStat service.

It usually invests in high risk, short-term instruments in order to achieve above-average returns. A series of positions and open orders that are built with a predetermined spread defined by the trader.

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The performance fee on a Standard Account amounts to 20% of all net profits. In its most basic form, World Markets is an online trading platform that allows you to buy and sell a range of commodities. Lots of settings — The trading software contains a lot of detailed settings, which can seem quite complicated and unfriendly for the beginner traders. Therefore, it is essential exotic currency that the trader understands and follows the instructions provided with the software. Low Price — An equivalent advantage of the Forex Robotron is the financial point of view. In terms of the success that a professional trader can achieve through the trading software, the purchase fees are low. Besides, no further costs occur when running the software for the whole lifetime.